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Additional Items

Rein Extenders
Rein Extenders - Rein Extenders for attaching a cart to harness
Price: $20.00 per pair

Shaft Holders - Pair - Shorter.
Price: $20.00 per pair

Shaft Holders - Pair - Longer.
Price: $20.00 per pair

Additional Item Rein Extenders
Shaft Wrap Around Straps - For driving a single axle vehicle - Keeps the shafts from moving up and down
Price: $25.00 per pair

4” Under Belt - This is placed under Harness Belt and disperses the force of pulling. Petite “ponies” seem to be most affected by this.
Price: $100.00

2 Extra Shorter Tongues - For petite “ponies”.
Price: $20.00

Jock Strap
Leather Jock - Leather Jock to accommodate ponytail
Price: $100.00

Patent Leather Coverings - Contrasting removable patent leather coverings for posture collar, cuffs, harness, & belt.
Price: $100.00

Pull Chain for cart - This can be made from 20 links of 1/4” Proof Coil Chain from Lowe's Item #33479. Two 3/16” or 1/4” Quick Links for each end. You might want to bring the belt from the harness to make sure the quick links will fit the ring and the chain. Sometimes these things vary. If it’s tight buy a file and file the part of the quick link that is too proud until the ring can be put through the opening. You making this makes more sense than me making and mailing it.
Price: $???.00

Heavy Duty Pony Belt - 2” wide belt that works with Under Belt or alone taking more stress. Black Latigo Only.
Price: $100.00

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