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Human Pony Harness
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Human Pony Harnesses - Description: Human Pony Harness for Human Pony Play. The harness weighs 15 pounds and comes in either black latigo or black patent leather. A man or a woman can wear it with or without a catsuit/leotard underneath. There are other straps that can be ordered if pulling a cart either as a single or a pair abreast. Tandem could probably be cobbled together as well. If interested and in the Seattle area it is probably best to contact me and come in and do a "try on" to see if it will work for the pony. One size fits most as it is based on modular design. I have had to make extra shorter straps to plug into the equation for a pair of ponies; that was very petite. Different size cock rings can be swapped out easily for men. The ring just sits on top for women. This is fetish at it's finest. This harness can also be appreciated for it's bondage capacity alone. Lunging the pony in a circle for exercise is also an option if no cart is available..
Price: $1000.00

email: harnessmaker@wildwestleather.com
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